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Volunteer Training: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11 at the Clark Bonsai Collection at Shinzen

Please contact Linda Jacobsen, Clark Bonsai Collection at Shinzen Liaison, at if you have questions or plan to attend.

2PM: Current and New Volunteers are invited to meet Bob Hilvers (Clark Bonsai Collection Curator) and attend his Walking Lecture Tour of the new exhibition:   TRANSFORMATIONS: From Fall Color to Winter Silhouettes.

3PM:  Orientation for New Volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities:

BONSAI GARDEN GUARDIANS: The purpose of the Bonsai Guardian Program is to establish a pool of interested volunteers that will participate in orientation and periodic training to engage in maintenance and grooming of the bonsai exhibit area and its landscaping and basic bonsai tree tending  under the guidance of the Bonsai Collection curator, or volunteer coordinator.  The Bonsai Guardian Program is divided into to two areas of duties and responsibilities:  Bonsai Tree Tenders and Bonsai Garden Tenders. Bonsai Guardians may cross-train and perform duties in other areas of Bonsai Volunteering such as Docent/host and Curatorial Team.

HOSTS/DOCENTS:  As part of our agreement with the Golden State Bonsai Federation, the bonsai garden can only be open to the public when there is a host or docent  present to insure the safety of the trees and the garden.  This has the added benefit of providing a more engaging experience to our visitors who leave with a greater appreciation of  the extraordinary art of bonsai.

At the bottom of the page, read about one volunteer's experiences on One Sunday Morning in the Garden to see what a pleasure this job can be.

HOSTS: Volunteers who have received orientation to the job of greeting and monitoring visitors, providing security for the collection and answering basic questions to whatever extent they are prepared to do so.

DOCENTS: Volunteers who have received orientation to the job of hosting and have completed sufficient docent training to provide guided tours of the collection and answer a full range of questions about bonsai, the exhibition on display and the Collection. Docents attend an introduction to bonsai class including its history, artistry, techniques, styles, and horticulture.  They also participate in continuing education, including training for each exhibition four times a year.


Golden State Bonsai Federation Clark Bonsai Collection  is always looking to upgrade our collection. One way is to ensure each tree is in the best possible pot. We are always looking for quality pots; they can be new or used, but not cracked or chipped. Your donated pot(s) will allow us to upgrade our collection without incurring the additional cost of purchasing pots. Indoor display stands of all sizes are also needed.

The Clark Bonsai Collection has a collection of books on bonsai used for research by Collection staff. We are in need of additional material for the bonsai library to ensure it is as complete as possible.

Of course cash donations are always gratefully accepted. All cash donations go directly into the Golden State Bonsai Federation general fund and are used for the collection.  Please make out your check to GSBF Clark Bonsai Collection and mail it to GSBF Clark Bonsai Collection, P.O. Box 5382, Fresno, CA 93755.  A PayPal option will be available soon.

Your donated items will help the GSBF Clark Bonsai Collection reduce/eliminate expenditures on pots, stands and books.

If you are downsizing, need a tax deduction, moving, or just want to get rid of your pots (that are NOT cracked or chipped), indoor display stands, or bonsai books, consider donating them to the GSBF Clark Bonsai Collection.

In the case of duplicates, or an overstock, the excess pots, display stands and books will be held for later use or sold/auctioned at GSBF Clark Bonsai Collection events with all proceeds going to the GSBF Collection general fund.

If you have any questions, or wish to donate pots, display stands, or bonsai books; please contact us using the form on this web page. All donations will be accepted.

GSBF is a 501c3 non‐profit organization and as such, any donation is tax deductible.

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