Bonsai Day Sticker

CBCS World Bonsai Day

Saturday, May 11 10am-4pm

Bonsai-Making Class 11 AM

  • Participants will learn about the art of bonsai and make their own bonsai to take home with them with clear and simple instructions for bonsai care
  • All tools and materials for the class will be provided
  • Class Registration:
    • Registration begins April 1 on the CBCS website, using the link below
    • You may also register in person with a docent in the bonsai garden in Shinzen Friendship Garden
    • Registration closes April 27
  • $60 due at the time of registration
  • Sorry no refunds

To register online, click the button below and fill out the WuFoo form:

  • Enter your Name, Email Address and Phone Number 
  • Enter Bonsai Class 11AM in the "Item Sold" field
    • If the 11AM class fills completely, we will offer you the opportunity to participate in a 2PM class
  • Enter $60.00 for the Amount
  • Submit the form. It will take you to PayPal to complete the registration and make payment

Other Activities—All Free!

  • Bonsai Scavenger Hunt & Draw your favorite bonsai with World Bonsai Stickers for participants
  • Bonsai Coloring for kids and kids at heart
  • Hourly tours of the current exhibition: New and Renewed Bonsai and other signature bonsai from the entire Collection of 130 world class bonsai.
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