California Juniper

Adopted by: Amy Hilvers

Needle Juniper Forest

Adopted by: Helen Kawaguchi

Coast Live Oak Del Monte Ogre

Over 100 years old

Adopted by: Rick Dyck

Bald Cypress Informal Upright

Over 50 Years Old

Adopted by: Tessa Cavalletto

Chinese Hackberry

Adopted for: Zoe Destories

Procumbens Juniper Windswept

Adopted by: Scott Kominers

Princess Persimmon Triple Trunk

Adopted in memory of: Jodie Asher

Sargent’s Juniper Root-over-Rock Brustlin Collection

Adopted by: J Schirmacher

Monterey Cypress Wind Influenced

60+ Years old

Adopted by: Paul Kominers

Loropetalum/Fuchsia Chinese Fringe Flower

Adopted by: Ron Woodson

California Juniper

Adopted by: Linda Jacobsen

Chinese Elm Slanting

Adopted by: Robert Yambring

California Juniper

Adopted in memory of: Lauren Michelle Douglass

California Juniper

Adopted by: Todd Schlafer

Cedar of Lebanon

Adopted by: John Wright


If you have been inspired by your visit to the GSBF-Clark Bonsai Collection in Shinzen or its website, you can support its mission through annual bonsai adoption.  Not only will your sponsorship help us to maintain a national treasure, but it can also help to grow and improve the Collection and its educational programs.

You will receive:

  • a thank you letter that you may use for a tax deduction in keeping with the CBCS’s 501c3 non-profit status
  • a 4 x 6” refrigerator magnet picture of your bonsai
  • a Clark Bonsai Collection pin
  • notification and a photo whenever the tree is on display

Acknowledgments:  You will be identified as the sponsor

  • on the image of the tree on the website
  • on the display plaque in the bonsai garden
  • in the exhibition book whenever the tree is exhibited

A full list of our adoptable Bonsai (in PDF format), and Bonsai that are currently adopted can be found using the button below.


To fill out the Bonsai Adoption Form and pay for the adoption online, please visit the Adopt a Bonsai Online link using the button below.


If you would like to pay by check make the check out to “GSBF-Clark Bonsai Collection” and mail the check and completed form to:

GSBF-Clark Bonsai Collection
P.O. Box 5382
Fresno, CA 93755