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Opening March 23

Whether it be the opportunity for visitors to see deciduous trees change from Fall color to Winter silhouette and then vibrant Spring leaves, or an examination of “age,” or a discussion on one of the many techniques used to create a bonsai, each “Exhibition” of the Clark Bonsai Collection examines some aspect of the art of Bonsai.

300 YO Sierra Juniper

The 300 year old Sierra Juniper

after a major transplantation into a new pot.

Japanese Red Maple

Japanese Red Maple

recently donated by Chuck Nelson

The “New and Renewed Exhibition” will offer our visitors the opportunity to see Bonsai recently added to the Collection, permitting them to experience these bonsai never presented for display before. Along with the “new,” we will be presenting “renewed” Bonsai.

As with all living things, Bonsai are subject to the laws of nature. They grow, suffer mishap, are attacked by insect and disease. and as a result they are changed. Often bonsai are simply allowed to experience unrestricted growth to permit them to build strength and stamina. This also changes them.

When these things happen, Bonsai are renewed by having their aesthetic qualities restored. The result of a renewed bonsai is that its quality is often improved and sometimes the image that it presents is entirely different from the original.

This exhibition will take visitors on a tour from the smallest to the largest bonsai in the Collection.

The New & Renewed Exhibition will also feature a number of Shohin (bonsai less than 12 inches tall) displayed in metal shelves custom-made for the Clark Bonsai Collection.

Shonin Root Over Rock Trident Maple

 This is a root-over-rock trident maple created by Bob Hilvers.

Variegated Chineses Elm

This exposed root Variegated Chinese Elm was recently donated by Bob Wright.

Refined Juniper

This Juniper has undergone some dramatic refinements since it was last on display.